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Snap Maps – Are You Safe?

Re:  Security Concerns about Snap Maps Suggestions to reduce the risk  How EOSMS have already addressed these issues before the feature was launched 🙂 Some information to make sure that you are well informed about security concerns raised over the past week regarding a new feature on the Snapchat App, called SNAP MAPS. CONCERNS (some

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Why do I need to secure my accounts?

Being a social media safety presenter, I am regularly asked “why do I need to worry about whether people can find information about me on social media – I don’t have anything to hide?” Firstly – it’s actually not about you.  It’s about other people and their bad behaviour. Let me elaborate.  You are thinking

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Apps – What is the REAL COST of participation?

What is your hippy name? What do your eyes say about you? Which friends will be a part of your life forever? Which nationality do you look like? Who is your soul mate? These are just some of the questions Facebook apps will answer for you. Funny, as the answers may be and sometimes even

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