For all of your social media safety solutions


Congratulations. It’s a great decision to empower your children to keep their social media accounts secure. A clean digital footprint now leads to more options later, and your child will be safer from those who mean to do harm.

To help you educate yourself and learn how to guide your children to secure your social media accounts, Eyes Open Social Media now offers a range of lesson options to suit your needs.

All of our secure your account courses assist you to:

  1. make your profiles private, so that no one can see anything about you until you choose to become their online friend
  2. increase your security to significantly reduce the risk of someone gaining unauthorised access to your accounts
  3. set permissions to manage the potential impact of your friends behaviours
  4. better understand how to adopt protective behaviours to allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of a fun and much safer social networking journey

Whilst the main focus of our courses is to guide children, this course is completely appropriate for adult use also, as protecting yourself on social networking sites is crutial for all social media users.  Your security also has a direct impact on how safe your children’s experience is.  At all appropriate stages, we offer suggestions to allow you to make informed choices about the security settings that you apply.