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Eyes Open Social Media is a Brisbane-based business that works with businesses, community services, schools and families to promote safe and effective use of social networking. Social networking is a rapidly expanding forum where everyday people can express their views, share content, meet new contacts and promote their business, events and products to a community outside their physical reach.

We have a wide range of services including Social Media Safety Programs for school, families and community services, Social Marketing Management and Corporate Responsibility Coaching for businesses. All of our programs promote risk management and safety as the highest priority when using social networking for any purpose.

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For the past three years we have been working closely with community care organisations, to raise awareness among their teams of child-care related services.  Our eye opening presentations have given carers an overall understanding of how social networking is affecting the children in care and what measures can be taken to assist children to better protect themselves.

We have also been presenting in schools throughout Queensland and Northern NSW to parents, teachers and children, ranging from Year 3 – Year 12, providing a clear understanding of why they need to protect themselves and what tools are available to help create more secure accounts and use of these sites.

Presenting at community conferences, such as RMRC Cyber-harassment in our Community, has given our presenter, Tricia Munn, the opportunity to learn and network with like-minded professionals, whilst contributing to a fabulous movement towards building a more social media safe and cyber-harassment aware society.

We have recently launched new programs for Online Gaming Overuse and Addiction and business programs for Social Marketing Management and Coaching.

All of our workshops and presentations start at a very basic level to ensure that the fear of the unknown is taken care of first and that the “cyber-lingo” throughout the presentation will be understood.  We also teach about the devices that children have access to and how they can be monitored better and set to avoid inappropriate material and unwanted attention.  

Our safety vision is to bridge the gap between children’s love of social networking and their parents understanding of the potential implications of them being unmonitored.  We aim to assist parents to feel empowered to guide their child in adopting protective behaviours and children to see social networking with their safety in mind.

Our overall vision is to help you, whether personally or in business to use social networking effectively, whilst also maintaining your personal safety.

Director, Content Writer and Presenter – Tricia Munn

Eyes Open Social Media Founder and devoted mother, Tricia Munn, is a social media specialist with a heartfelt commitment to improving online safety for children, families, businesses, community services and individuals.

Through Eyes Open Social Media’s online and face-to-face consultations and presentations, Tricia educates schools, school students, families and individuals on how to best protect themselves from social media predators, bullying, harassment, identity theft and the fallout from poor digital footprints.

Tricia can help schools and even workplaces to avoid social media scandals in the first instance and, indeed, the inevitable emotional and reputational fallout they can have for children, schools and staff.

Tricia spent many years working in social media marketing roles. After studying social media and routinely seeing the media stories about children being harmed by social media predators and bullies, Tricia and the team at Eyes Open Social Media were compelled to establish a program for students, parents and teachers.

Tricia’s Eyes Open Social Media programs have helped thousands of families and students to become informed about social networking, the dangers they may be presented with and how they can best use their settings and knowledge to better protect themselves and their loved ones.

Tricia and her husband Dan together live in Brisbane and have five children of their own. They see social media marketing as the deliberate exploitation of social networking’s viral nature that uses the settings on your page or profile, to allow unlimited access to your content.

The dark side of this reality is that the people you may least want to have access to your profile, can access user information and use it for exploitative purposes. They can become predators and bullies and they can harass, causing immeasurable emotional and social harm to unsuspecting users. Tricia teaches people how to take some social media control back.

In just five years Eyes Open Social Media now has 15 programs in its stable and Tricia has worked closely with many of Brisbane’s top private boys and girls schools focusing on year 3 to year 12. Tricia has engaged with Clayfield College, Churchie, Brisbane Boys College and many others to deliver highly sought-after advice on social media safety and how to best manage predators and bullying behaviour.

Tricia frequently delivers presentations to schools, businesses and community groups across Queensland and NSW.

Tricia, through Eyes Open Social Media, is now running a range of online programs which have dramatically increased the organisation’s reach and, in turn, bolstered its mission to educate as many Australians, about the dangers of social media, as she can.

Research and Development Manager – Dan Munn

Dan Munn is a highly-regarded Research and Development Manager at Eyes Open Social Media, an organisation wholly committed to improving social media safety for school students, schools, families, individuals, workplaces and community services.

Dan’s vast experience, including a Masters in Applied Science Research, validates his authentic passion and single-minded approach to addressing social media safety and online gaming issues, primarily amongst our youth.

Dan’s professional charter with Eyes Open Social Media starts at the grass roots. As a passionate, on-the-ground social architect who builds trusted relationships with key decision makers within schools, community care groups and organisations he ensures Eyes Open Social Media delivers a current, relevant and engaging solution-based education that genuinely makes a difference and resolves continually developing issues.

While Dan is quick to agree that each generation faces it own challenges, he believes girls, boys, young women and young men are all growing up in an environment fraught with an increasingly difficult and ever-changing landscape to navigate – a hybrid form of communication, interaction and entertainment via social media and online gaming.

Whilst awareness of these issues are increasingly realised across the board, there is a genuine gap between awareness and finding real solutions to combat these issues. Working with Eyes Open Social Media, Dan’s privilege is his chance to work on closing this gap, helping community mindsets change and move toward implementing actual solutions to social media safety and online gaming addiction by establishing partnerships between students, teachers, schools and parents.

His agenda includes researching the social, emotional and physical impacts of social media and online gaming use, as well as building a network of professional content advisors.

Dan ensures Eyes Open Social Media’s content is current, plugging directly into the Australian schools curricula. He helps integrate valuable information, implementing teaching programs and online courses to ensure schools and various organisations have the very best and up-to-the-minute advice on social media safety, online gaming overuse and addiction.

Presenter – Rhea Morris

Rhea is a skilled presenter and has been working for Eyes Open Social Media for almost a year, presenting workshops to assist parents and children to secure their social networking accounts. Rhea presents in a clear and easy to understand manner and works with families to ensure that they completely understand the content of the workshop. Participants of Rhea’s workshops have reported feeling capable of not only using the social networking accounts that they currently have, but that they now have an understanding of social networking that allows them to negotiate the security settings of any new accounts that they may open in the future and effectively control the content that they present to the world.

Content Advisor – Chris Watson

Chris is a former law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience in computer related investigations. Chris spent 12 years in the City of London Police where as a Detective in the crime scene investigation unit Chris was responsible for building the computer crime unit.

As part of this unit Chris investigated a broad range of crimes including those related to the exploitation of children, fraud, blackmail, hacking and theft. He worked closely with numerous Fraud investigation teams and the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Credit Card Unit in London where he assisted in the investigation of major Frauds and a variety of cheque and credit card crimes.

Since moving to Australia Chris has worked for both Big 4 and Mid Tier Accounting firms in their forensic practices. During this time he conducted investigations into numerous matters including the theft of Intellectual Property, Fraud, employee misconduct, Bribery and corruption and identity theft.

Whilst starting up, Eyes Open Social Media have been blessed with support from some fabulous people and businesses, helping to get the important message of social media safety for children out to families, schools and children.  We would like to thank the following businesses: