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Corporate Workshops

Samanha ParkinsonStaff Training on Safer Use of Social Networking

Eyes Open workshops aren’t about scaring your staff. We believe that safer behaviours can be achieved through education.

“Lunch-and-Learn” Workshops

This workshop is best run in small groups with each participant having access to a computer during the session. We will teach your staff about social networking dangers and how easily information can be unintentionally distributed.

The program can be presented with content varying to suit your staff’s level of social networking use and specifically targeting the sites that they are using.

Corporate Workshops cover:

  • how to apply effective privacy settings
  • how and why they need to shut down any unused accounts
  • your company policies and staff responsibilities on social networking sites

Social Media Safety Presentations

Social Media is playing a much more prominent role in business than ever before. Whether you require your staff to promote your businessWe on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or you have suggested that they use LinkedIn to build their business network and client base, you may have a duty of care to provide appropriate training in safety and the dangers that can be presented from social networking use.

We can present at your corporate retreat, training day, monthly meeting or staff induction.

Presentations include how your social media policy is linked to your current:

  • bullying
  • harassment
  • email policies; and
  • ethical use of social networking in the workplace

Presentations will be tailored to your business needs. We will work with your HR department to ensure that we understand your social media policies and how you approach social networking as a company. Sessions can also meet your time requirements.