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Certified Online Safety Program Provider


Eyes Open Social Media are proud to be voluntary certified providers under the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner to deliver social media safety programs in schools across Queensland.

As certified providers, we are able to assist schools who participate in the funding program provided by the Australian Government and the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. 

We can create a package specific to the needs of your school, including components of the below programs.

Eyes Open Social Media School Packages that meet the requirements of this funding project, include:

In-class Children Workshops/Presentations

Eyes Open Social Media programs are presented in five levels according to the audience age and are designed to address the Australian Curriculum requirements for Information and Communication Technology.

According to the size of the group, our program can be run as an information presentation or as a hands on workshop, giving the children a chance to interact and thoroughly absorb the concepts being discussed.

Parent Information Presentations

As a follow on to the in-class program or as a stand-alone address to engage parents in the school’s social media awareness process, we can present a 1 hour (plus questions) parent information session.  This presentation helps parents/carers to:

  • Develop an overall understanding of how social media is used by children.
  • Understand what controls are available to help create safer accounts.
  • Gain the knowledge to effectively communicate with children about protective behaviours they can adopt.

Organised by the school or P&C, these sessions have been highly successful in raising the awareness around the need for parents to become involved in their child’s use of internet enabled devices and social networking.  Many of our schools are introducing the “one to one” computer programs and are inviting parents to learn about how they can lead, assist and be involved in their child’s development to become a responsible digital citizen.

What others say about Eyes Open Social Media

Dear Tricia

I write to thank you for your recent visit to the Anglican Church Grammar School – Preparatory School where you worked with both our parents and the boys in Years 3 – 6. You were well prepared, offered age-appropriate material and readily modified your workshops to best meet the needs of those in your audience. Questions and concerns were responded to in a manner that was both open and honest, but also developmentally appropriate. You were most successful in finding the balance between encouraging the internet for all of the good it can offer, but also warning of the inherent dangers, especially with the inappropriate use of social media.

I was most pleased with the workshops you presented to our School community in both 2015 and 2016, and I look forward to welcoming you back to the Anglican Church Grammar School in 2017.


Lisa Kraft

Deputy Head of the Preparatory School – Curriculum

Anglican Church Grammar School

Tricia’s presentation challenged our students to reflect on their ‘safe’ use of social media. Most importantly, the significance of protecting themselves while enjoying the digital world was reinforced in a practical and engaging manner. Parents also gained insight in their session about how social media is being used by their children, and gained practical knowledge about how to support them in creating safer accounts.

 I would highly recommend both the student and parent information sessions, and the practical workshops to anyone who is already using social media or is likely to use it in the future (children/teenagers/adults). Participants of all ‘ability levels’ commented on the thought-provoking nature of the information presented.       

Louise McGuire
Head of Junior School

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School