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Adults – Reduce the Risk of Online Dating (March 6): 6 March 2019


Ground Floor, 6 Heussler Terrace, Milton Qld


6 March


7:00 pm



Workshop Details

Christmas & New Year is a great time for socialising and meeting new people.

We are here to help ensure you aren’t putting yourself at risk while you are making new friends.

Whether you are heading to meet ups, giving speed dating a go or trying to find that perfect someone online, navigating the scene can be a minefield in itself!

…without the added stress of trying to keep yourself safe while you do it.

Even when you are meeting people face to face, it doesn’t take much information for them to find your social media presence and glean (possibly) more information about you, than you intended to give them, from your profiles …and the profiles of your contacts.

Let us show you how to ensure you aren’t leaving your front door wide open and your personal history out for all to peruse before your first meeting..

..or before you have decided they are someone you’d like to see again.

Leave the workshop feeling secure and empowered to protect yourself in the (online) dating and networking world.

…and most importantly, know for sure that when you meet someone who ticks all your boxes, it’s not just because they created the perfect profile before contacting you.

This workshop includes several social media accounts and is perfect for those of you who are engaging in meet-ups or other forms of meeting people.  Whether you meet online or in real life, your social media presence can impact both your success and your safety.

Note: we will open more dates once this one is full.



7pm: Welcome

7.15pm: Increasing the Privacy & Security of your Facebook Account

8.45pm: Checking and cleaning up the rest of your digital footprint – Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tinder… and more

9:45pm: Questions

10.00pm: Finish – go home feeling much safer and EMPOWERED to protect yourself through the process!


DATE: Thursday 20 December 2018

TIME: 7pm – 10pm

VENUE: Eyes Open Social Media Training Facility – 6 Heussler Tce, Milton 4064

QUICK FACT: Single parents are targeted by predators, as are people openly looking for love.  FACT.

People wishing to cause harm online are looking for the easiest target.  Ensuring you have adequate privacy and security on your social media accounts and a digital footprint that you are aware of and choose to allow others to see, is the quickest and most effective way to protect yourself through the dating process.

Eyes Open Social Media Safety are specialists in the field of safer social media and we have taken all the hard work out of setting up your devices and accounts safely.  We will navigate you through some really cool options to empower you to better protect yourself.

If you find devices, social media and online games overwhelming, you will understand why we created Brisbane’s only comprehensive, hands-on workshops for adults, parents and children and a huge range of themed online courses.

All of our workshops offer practical solutions to assist with protect you and your family from the risks, including online predators, cyber bullying, identity theft, inappropriate content, (intimate images etc) and the creation of a digital footprint that reaches further than expected and can sometimes have damaging consequences.

Click here to find out more information about Eyes Open Social Media Safety and to book your workshop seat.

COST: $97 each

To see details and book individual subjects, go directly to our website Eyes Open Social Media Safety

THIS WORKSHOP FOR: Adults (YES! Any adults)

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