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Parents – Device Management for Toddlers (Apple) (March): 27 March 2019


Ground Floor, 6 Heussler Terrace, Milton Qld


27 March


6:30 pm



Workshop Details

Setting up your Apple devices can be frustrating and time consuming if you aren’t technically minded. We have taken all the hard work out of the job and will navigate you through some really cool options to empower you to better protect your children.

Whether it be to share a quiet, uninterrupted meal with your partner or just to have a moment to yourself after a busy day with your little one, allowing reasonable amounts of screen time doesn’t need to be laden with guilt.

With security in mind, we will show you the options for family safe set up (on your own device or one specifically for your child) to assist with keeping an eye on your child’s app and gaming use and ensuring the potential for them accessing content they shouldn’t is limited..


QUICK FACT: Children are being exposed to pornography as young as 8 years old. Learning how to set up your child’s device properly could help to reduce the chance that your child is exposed to this type of content.

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