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Youth – De-escalating Bullying On Instagram (Mar 31): 31 March 2019


Ground Floor, 6 Heussler Terrace, Milton Qld


31 March


11:00 am



Workshop Details

This workshop is for parents to bring their children. Children are being taught to “not be a by-stander”. This advice, whilst well-meaning, is contributing significantly, to the lack of power parents, a school or the police have, to take action when the bullying escalates to a serious or dangerous level. Learn how to set up and effectively secure an account to reduce the opportunity for abuse to occur and then learn and practice the options for de-escalating a toxic conversation on both, another person’s account and on your own account.

THIS WORKSHOP FOR: Parents and Children to come together (you will need to book a seat for each person attending) or children with their friends

QUICK FACT: Cyberbullying is illegal. The lack of ability to apply the law may be attributed to the lack of understanding about how to respond to bullying behaviour.

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