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Youth – Setting Up Safer Fortnite (Mar 30): 30 March 2019


Ground Floor, 6 Heussler Terrace, Milton Qld


30 March


10:00 am



Workshop Details

Setting up your gaming account can help to reduce the risks for younger users while they learn to keep their private information to themselves. Although Fortnite is still a violent game, of the games that we see students in Queensland using, this game offers better security options to reduce the risk and less “real-looking” graphics. This workshop will guide you through the safest possible set up for your child if they are using Fortnite.

THIS WORKSHOP FOR: Parents and children to attend together (you will need to book a seat for each person attending)

QUICK FACT: around 70% of students at primary school’s we have attended recently have indicated they have played or are playing Fortnite.

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